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I’m BACK! + Youtubing

Hey everyone,

If you regularly visit this blog (unlike me), you would’ve found that I haven’t posted since, well, JUNE. So I have decided to break this cycle and post NOW. You see, I was extremely busy as this year I was in Year 7, and there is a lot of homework + assignments, so yes, I could not even spare 5 minutes to write a blog post. Well, I could’ve but to tell the truth I had forgotten about my blog. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? I am now going to make a regular thing of blogging.

ANYWAY, there is one thing I have been doing and you can guess from the title, it is Youtubing. So, I made a youtube channel and I have been posting videos of lots of different things. Please check out my channel. CLICK HERE.
Another thing I wanted to post was the currently trending ‘song’. Many of you would’ve heard of ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ by a Norwegian band called ‘Ylvis’. I decided I would post that for you so even if you have watched it, watch it again.

There ya’ go! And I promise I will post more regularly!


Guess Who?

Hey there,

I sincerely apologise for not posting anything for a very, very long time. I have been quite busy with… 

Wait, that brings me to the real purpose of this post, explaining the ‘Guess Who?’. 

So, we have been planning to get a puppy for a very long time and now we finally have one! If I start this post again, now that you know about the puppy, it would look a lot like this:

Hey there, 

I sincerely apologise for not posting anything for a very, very long time. I have been quite busy with my new puppy!

And that is the guess who aspect of this post. 

My puppy was born on the 26th of March, and is a boy doggy. We named him Champion, or Champ for short. Well, his full name is actually Champion Baloo and then my last name (which I am not going to put online). I am really happy we got him! He is so cute! But, being a puppy, he is also very naughty and loves to chew things, including fingers and socks. He is currently 3 months old. Here is a photo of what he looks like:



(click on the image to enlarge it)

Hope you think he’s cute… because… well… he really is! :)


Weird and Wacky Predictions!

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are having a nice May! I have decided to write this post about predictions because I was just thinking… There are so many things in the world you could predict! Like, how many iPhones there would be by 2020 or… well, ANYTHING!

So… are their any weird or wacky predictions you could make? I’m not sure what predictions I could make but that doesn’t matter because YOU are the one predicting things… My predictors, leave your predictions in a comment and the weird and wackiest prediction will get a special shout out and become the prediction of the month! 

I find predictions interesting, don’t you?

Leave a comment! :)


This and That’s 2nd BIRTHDAY!


I am very proud (as the founder and editor of This and That) to say that this Blog, This and That has officially turned 2! Well, I wasn’t exactly sure when I started this Blog… so I’m going with the date I wrote my first post, which was today 2 years ago (5th of May). So, I would love you all to join with me in celebrating the 2 years this Blog has been going on for and I hope I continue to celebrate many more successful years.

I couldn’t have achieved this without the help of my teacher who showed us how to make Blogs in Year 5! And everyone who has been visiting to keep my visitor count going up and up and… you know – up. Keep visiting, please! 




Join me in celebrating a great 2 years of Blogging!

100 Word Challenge – Week #28

Hi everyone, 

I am afraid I have been very busy on holiday and stuff and have missed the previous 100WC. But here is this week’s! The prompt was:

…The noise was deafening…

Here is my 100 word story:

As I stepped out of my house, the noise was deafening. Flying all around me, as nimble as feathers, were diamonds. Though diamonds aren’t as nimble as feather, it seemed like they were. They mesmerized me, but the noise was still deafening. I ran through the crowd, pushing people out of my way. I was desperate to find out what the noise was and why no one was affected by it the way I was. As I ran round the corner of ‘BBBooks’, I saw the source of the noise. Hovering over me, casting long, dark shadows, was my enemy. 

Hope you liked it!