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100 Word Challenge – Week #9


For homework again, we have been asked to write a 100 word story using the prompt on the 100 word challenge website. (we have one every week)

The prompt for this week was a photo. This is the photo:

So, here is my 100 Word Story -

I sat impatiently, staring at the last piece of the chocolate cake. I gave my brother – who was sitting opposite me – a death stare. “Don’t even think about it.” I said. He reached for the chocolate cake but I was too fast for him. I grabbed it, ran off into my room and slammed the door shut. Then, I sat on my bed, and slowly ate the piece of cake – savouring every last bite. Suddenly, I felt a tingling sensation in my fingers and my head became numb. I stood up, but immediately collapsed. The sensation started to spread.

I hope you liked it!



  1. Esha says:

    Sure! For this week (Week #11) I was number 43!

  2. Mrs Skinner says:

    Sorry for the lack of comments Esha. To help me solve the mystery, can you let me have your number on the list when you post. That way, I’ll know who should be commenting!

  3. nattyrose says:

    Hi T&T,

    Wow, i loved it! What a story. It was really descriptive and it gave me a feeling that i was actually there. But the amazing fact is that you actually managed to achieve that in 100 words. I am stunned, it is descriptive, interesting and there are no grammatical or spelling errors (as far as im concerned :D) I really admire that you are able to do that, great job.


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