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100 Word Challenge – Week #28

Hi everyone, 

I am afraid I have been very busy on holiday and stuff and have missed the previous 100WC. But here is this week’s! The prompt was:

…The noise was deafening…

Here is my 100 word story:

As I stepped out of my house, the noise was deafening. Flying all around me, as nimble as feathers, were diamonds. Though diamonds aren’t as nimble as feather, it seemed like they were. They mesmerized me, but the noise was still deafening. I ran through the crowd, pushing people out of my way. I was desperate to find out what the noise was and why no one was affected by it the way I was. As I ran round the corner of ‘BBBooks’, I saw the source of the noise. Hovering over me, casting long, dark shadows, was my enemy. 

Hope you liked it!



  1. Hannah Team 100WC says:

    Hello, thank you for your 100WC entry. You used the prompt well and and it was very imaginative. You used lovely descriptions and I loved your simile, nimble as feathers. Keep writing!

  2. Tyler says:

    That was brilliant I loved the way you used the description.

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