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Weird and Wacky Predictions!

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are having a nice May! I have decided to write this post about predictions because I was just thinking… There are so many things in the world you could predict! Like, how many iPhones there would be by 2020 or… well, ANYTHING!

So… are their any weird or wacky predictions you could make? I’m not sure what predictions I could make but that doesn’t matter because YOU are the one predicting things… My predictors, leave your predictions in a comment and the weird and wackiest prediction will get a special shout out and become the prediction of the month! 

I find predictions interesting, don’t you?

Leave a comment! :)



  1. Alexandra says:

    how did you get the pets on your wed sits

  2. Belle says:

    I predict… That in 2020 that we will have robots to do all our work for us, and that humans will become big fat lazy bums, and robots will take control.

  3. mcewj says:

    I predict that by 2020 we will have cars drive themselves, we will be able to control electronics with our brains, and we will be able to build brains; why not ? We can build computers more powerful than brains.
    But I do hope that humans will not be obsolete by the year 2020 seeing as it is only 6 1/2 years away

  4. gloria21 says:

    I predict that we won’t have flying cars like they predicted we would have by the 1960′s. (or did they MAKE that prediction in the 1960′s? hmmm)
    I also predict that computer cables and cords will become obsolete- there’s a bunch of them cluttering up my desk right now.
    Google is probably going to take over the world. Or at least Apple.
    Happy blogging! I like this topic!

  5. mads1448 says:

    I predict…that in 2020 the Kentucky Wildcat’s Men College Basketball team will win the National Championship! How’s that for weird and wacky?


  6. Chloe says:

    Hey T&T!

    I predict…….

    That we will have FLYING CARS in years to come….


    That BOOKS WILL BE OUTDATED! (But I hope not!)

    From your fellow Blogger,

    Chloe :)

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