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I’m BACK! + Youtubing

Hey everyone,

If you regularly visit this blog (unlike me), you would’ve found that I haven’t posted since, well, JUNE. So I have decided to break this cycle and post NOW. You see, I was extremely busy as this year I was in Year 7, and there is a lot of homework + assignments, so yes, I could not even spare 5 minutes to write a blog post. Well, I could’ve but to tell the truth I had forgotten about my blog. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? I am now going to make a regular thing of blogging.

ANYWAY, there is one thing I have been doing and you can guess from the title, it is Youtubing. So, I made a youtube channel and I have been posting videos of lots of different things. Please check out my channel. CLICK HERE.
Another thing I wanted to post was the currently trending ‘song’. Many of you would’ve heard of ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ by a Norwegian band called ‘Ylvis’. I decided I would post that for you so even if you have watched it, watch it again.

There ya’ go! And I promise I will post more regularly!


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  1. jenna713 says:

    Hello! I have just created a YouTube channel recently and I have just started a blog! Here is the link:

    Jenna :)

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