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This post is for the Student Blogging Challenge again! This week, we had to write something about Science. I am using one of the recommendations of something to write about from the website, which was to write about your favourite animal and include lots of information and links.

Well, first of all, my favourite animal is a Dolphin! It was just until recently when I swam with a Dolphin that I started to really like them… I found them to be very interesting creatures and while I swam with them, I also learnt a lot about them.

Firstly, you should know that there are quite a few types of Dolphins, but the one you probably would have heard of is the Bottle Nose Dolphin.

Here is a picture of it:

So, I will actually be writing about Bottlenose Dolphins. Firstly, here is a short video all about the sounds they make and the way they move:

Bottlenose Dolphins or just normal Dolphins are the most amazing creatures and are so graceful and just amazing. Now, for some real facts!

Bottlenose dolphins live and travel in groups of 10–30 members, called pods. Though, they can also travel as an individual or in a pod of up to 1,000! But, 10-30 is the most common number.

The diet of a Bottlenose Dolphin mainly consists of fish. They often try to look for fish with their pod. Dolphins are amazingly smart creatures and scientists say that they are as smart as humans, but in a different way. Bottlenose Dolphins are grey at the top of their body, light grey moving down towards their tail fin and almost white underneath. I learned while on holiday, that Dolphins have little grey spots underneath them, on their belly area. Depending on how hold they are, the sports vary. So, if a Dolphin is older, like 28, they have more spots than a Dolphin who is, say, 4.  Dolphins also have a Dorsel fin which is the fin on their back. Part of why they are called Dolphin is a combination of Dorsel and Fin. Not sure how Fin got to Phin though! Well, I hope you learned something about Dolphins!

Do you actually like Dolphins?

Anyway, here is a final video with more information about Dolphins before I finish this post:



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7 thoughts on “Challenge 7 – The sciences

  1. You clearly did a ton of research for this blog and I really think that it shows it here. I really like your blog and I hope you can check out mine!

  2. No worries Natalie!
    Sofia, I didn’t know that! That is really interesting. Thanks for sharing that!


  3. Hi Esha!!!
    I went to Seaworld and did the same thing as Sofia! We rode the dolphins, pet them, and did tricks with them. The guides told me the same thing! I never knew that they were called dolphins because of their dorsal fins! Thanks for sharing those cool facts, Esha. 🙂

  4. I rode on a dolphin when I was at seaworld, and they are such amazing creatures! The guides there told us that dolphins sleep with only half of their brain, so they are technically awake their whole lives!

  5. Hey Mickey and Olivia,

    As you have probably figured from the post, I LOVE DOLPHINS! The next time I go to where I swam with one, I am going to ride one! I think it would be really awesome… Anyway, thanks for commenting!


  6. I love dolphins too! They are very friendly creatures! I want to ride one too. Hope you comment back,

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