Challenge 8 – Freedom again

Hey everyone!

For the Student Blogging Challenge this week, we have free choice again, but this time it is to write about one of our passions. So, one of my passions is Blogging, funnily enough!

Yes, that picture states the truth. Anyway, I am going to tell you why I love Blogging. But first of all, I’m going to tell you a little about Blogging itself.

So, ‘Blog’ comes from ‘Weblog’. The man who invented the terms ‘Weblog’ was Jorn Barger. Then, a man called Peter Merholz made ‘Weblog’ into the short form ‘Blog’, which is what we use today. Blogging today is very popular and now there are over a few hundred million blogs worldwide! Believe me, that is a lot of blogs!

Blogging is also very good for you. How? Well, when you blog, your typing skills, spelling and vocabulary all increase. Blogging regularly really can help enhance those qualities.

Anyway, why do I love blogging?

I love blogging because it is a very engaging and interesting thing to do. You can write about practically anything you want to! It is a great way, as I said before to enhance skills and is just really fun!

So, you now know about one of my passions, which is blogging! And hey, would you look at that – I’m doing it right now!

Do you like blogging?  Do you have a personal blog? If so, please leave me the link in a comment and I will definitely visit your blog. Also, do you have a passion?

Blog on and be passionate about something,


P.S. –

The photo was from this website, and the information was from this website!

2 thoughts on “Challenge 8 – Freedom again

  1. Hi T&T!

    I love blogging, that is. When I have an idea on what I’m going to write, I find it quite hard to think of what to write, but once I do, I’m straight in it!

    Yes! I do have a personal blog! I also have a blog which I share with 3 friends (And you are one of them 😉 ) You know my personal blog link but here it is anyway:

    My passion is reading! For homework we had to use between 100 and 150 words write about something we feel passionate about. This was mine:

    They make you oblivious to the world around you, I can read for hours and not realise it’s been so long. When I feel sad I read, to help me forget what’s upsetting me and be someone else for a while. And when I finish reading, I feel happier. It’s something I absolutely love doing! I have actually started writing my own books, though I get frustrated and delete them.

    I love reading other peoples narratives because; they are basically shorter versions of books! When I grow I up one of my deep down goals is to write a book, but before I do that I think I might need to gain some patience!

    (137 words)

    Have a great week!

  2. Hey Esha
    I never knew that about weblogs and the people who invented it and shortened it to blog. I am interested into blogging at the moment. It’s a great way to tell the world what you enjoy and tell the world you opinion from circumstances. I share a blog with Jess know and we love reading each others posts so we can see what the differences are between us. My blog is called the multicoloured jellybeans and be sure to check out our widget, posts and pages.
    Here is the Link:
    Keep blogging and have fun!

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