Challenge 9 – using language

Hey everyone!

For the Student Blogging Challenge this week, our challenge was to write about using proper language and just anything about language. So, I have used one of the suggestions on the Student Blogging Challenge site again, and I am going to write a short story/paragraph using a photo posted on the website. I am challenging myself and only using 150 words. The photo on the Student Blogging Challenge is from this site.

This is the photo:

And this is my story:

It was past midnight. The surroundings that whizzed past me were dark and gloomy. I was sitting in the backseat of my car, driven by my older sister, Jacqueline. I was tired and I’d fallen asleep several times now, but flashes of light had woken me up. At first, the flashes of light were nothing. But now, I could see a rainbow illuminating the cloudy sky. “Look!” I cried. “Jackie! It’s a rainbow!” My sister snorted. I rolled my eyes. She never cared about anything I said. I looked in front of me, to the road ahead. It was deserted. I looked behind me, and on the road a saw a shadow. When I looked up, the sight shocked me. It was a shiny, red robot that was 10 times the size of the car. I looked away, and into the distance, then at the sky. The rainbow had disappeared.

Well, I hope you liked my story! Please feel free to write comment with any feedback or your own interpretation of the image. Instead of writing a whole story, you can just describe the image if you want to!


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