Hello everyone,

I am so excited because Squeaky Pop is finally finished! Hurray! :)I am sorry I could not include all your requests and I’m sorry I couldn’t do the skin black for those who asked for it because it was to hard to do the other features on the face. Squeaky Pop’s house and profile will soon appear on the Squeaky Pop page. Once again I apologise for taking so long!


I hope you like it! So, T&T followers, this is This and That’s new mascot!


An update about Squeaky Pop

I know it’s been a long time since I told you that I would post up Squeaky Pop, but I have been busy.

No, sorry. The real story is….. I finished drawing Squeaky Pop but then I lost it! 🙁 So now I am drawing a new one and just to let you know, you have 1 week to post any more ideas as to what Squeaky Pop should look like. So I am starting to draw him NOW! Keep watching the Squeaky Pop page and he will appear there soon! 🙂 (hopefully!)



P.S- If you have no idea what Squeaky Pop is, scroll down to find the Squeaky Pop post!

Squeaky Pop!

I have just randomly made that up. Wait! I have an idea now! I will have a competition type thing…..Hmm……Oh! Yes! That’s it!

Squeaky Pop is going to be my made up character. It’s up to you to decide what Squeaky Pop looks like, what he likes and dislike, what’s his personality and any other things you can think of…. At the end, I will take one idea from each person and draw a finish product of Squeaky Pop. Then I will take a picture of it and post it on my blog. Squeaky Pop will be This and That’s new mascot! So, are you up for the challenge??

What will you make Squeaky Pop look like? What does he like and dislike? What is his personality? It’s all up to you……..

It’s almost like the world is in your hands……. (Maybe not literally!)